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Desserts for Two

February 3, 2015

Love is in the air. The closer we get to Valentine’s Day, historically, we begin to tailor away from some of those overly ambitious health conscious goals that we had made for ourselves in the new year. Not to say that one shouldn’t try to eat with a little restraint, but if you find yourself diving into a chocolate souffle for two, you shouldn’t feel like you need to strangle yourself with guilt. We have made it easy for you to choose where you will indulge in your dessert creations this “season of love” by compiling a list of romantic places to cure that sweet tooth with your sweetie.

Basilic Restaurant ­

A hidden gem of the Newport Beach neighborhood, Basilic Restaurant has been creating Swiss/ French inspired cuisine for almost two decades. The chef/owner, Bernard Althaus has been inspired by food since he was born, having been introduced to the world only steps away from his family’s restaurant. The silky smooth creme brulee, topped with berries and a caramelized sugar crust, has been a favorite of diners in the Newport Beach area, and is sure to be your next favorite too.

Juliette’s Kitchen + Bar ­

A husband and wife team come together to bring you Juliette’s Kitchen + Bar, where you will find a beautiful creamy caramel creme that has received its own reputation in the dining community. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere is perfect for any dine from the casual beach goer to the businessman with the night off.

Pizzeria Mozza ­

People rarely think of pudding as an international sensation, but Pizzeria Mozza brings a new life to something you picture coming from a box or plastic cup. This acclaimed delicacy is a dessert that you will crave for the rest of your life, with an incredible need to share it with your family and friends. It is the perfect marriage of sweet and salty wrapped in a toasty sweet cloud of custard. Pizzeria Mozza is already light­years beyond your “average pizza joint,” but for the chefs to execute a dessert like this, they are truly masters of their craft.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

Fleming’s is one of the premier steakhouses of Newport Beach, with 100 wines served by the glass, and an entree selection that will change how you view a steakhouse, forever. Once you have made your way through the Truffled Poached Lobster and the Peppercorn Steak, there is something about a warm center of a chocolate cake that leaves you with a sense of awe. You cut into this dense tower of chocolate, and inside you find a fountain of rich, warm, flowing goodness just waiting to be devoured. Like hunting for a hidden treasure, you dig your fork gently into the dessert and find what you’ve been waiting for all dinner long.

Back Bay Bistro ­

If brunch by the water is what gets your heart aflutter, Back Bay Bistro has one of the most epic marina views, and a buffet style brunch that will melt your heart. With fifteen-foot high windows and a retractable roof, you really get the full Southern California experience here at this dining destination. The brunches are jam packed with carving stations, pancakes and omelettes made to order, and above all, a chocolate fountain. Dripping with delicious creamy chocolate goodness and paired with perfectly ripened fruits, this dessert will transport you to the Willy Wonka fantasies of your childhood.

The Sliding Door Cafe and Bakery

For that hopeless romantic couple. The story of the co­-owners at The Sliding Door Cafe and Bakery is one for the cinema. Kevin Cahalan met two loves of his life in high school, his future fiancé and his career. He only had one date with Natalie Sarle and sadly disconnected as his passion in the culinary industry grew. After a years of working with internationally acclaimed chefs from San Francisco to New York, he rekindled what he had once lost. Now, 30 years after his first date with Natalie, they are engaged, and have brought a world­ class cream cheese carrot cake to The Sliding Door Cafe. Proving that life can change in a matter of moments, depending on the sliding door you choose.

Five Crowns ­

The height of fine dining brought along this dessert marvel. Dark Chocolate Souffle is a delicate cake of sorts that rises as it heats and generally has a large “puff” above the vessel it is served in. If cotton candy were clouds on a bright sunny day, a souffle would be the clouds just after the rain. The renovated and clean new face of Five Crowns is a superb place to take a loved one to try this classic dessert.

Mastro’s Ocean Club ­

A favorite of some culinary professionals and a large number of local dinners and visitors, the Mastro’s Signature Warm Butter Cake is an icon of this steakhouse brand. This is not a dessert to attempt alone. It is a simple warm white cake with the perfect balance of richness and density. You can taste the craftsmanship and love in every bite, and you’ll leave wishing you had room for more.

Photo Credit: The Sliding Door Cafe and Bakery

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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