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Cocktail Versions of Your Favorite Childhood Treats

June 27, 2019

Nothing brings back the nostalgia from your childhood like summer days under the sun with a chilly treat in hand. But if you thought that your childhood favorites are a thing of your past, think again. These Newport Beach restaurants are making the case for adult versions of your favorite treats of the past— from snow cones to slurpees here are the cocktail version of your childhood treats.

Elevated Childhood Classic Treats

Photo Credit: Olea

Rich Girl at Olea

Named after a song by Hall & Oates, this concoction is one of the finest creations to come out of Olea’s bar. Here’s why. The treat is all about balance, a marriage of yuzu and lime with vodka and rosé, all shaken together and strained over a ball of ice. (It’s garnished with a delicate and totally edible sprig of basil flower). And much like it was back when you were a tot, this snow cone has just enough of the sweet stuff to keep you coming back for more. Watch our Weekly Bite to see more.

Make a day of it: … and spend the rest of your evening perusing the neighboring shops. Olea is located in Westcliff, home to exclusive boutiques like; Red Balloon, Love Lola and James Perse.

Elevated Childhood Classic Treats

Photo Credit: Gratitude Kitchen & Bar

Cactus Cooler at Gratitude Kitchen & Bar

Pop into Gratitude Kitchen & Bar, and you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot to be grateful for, particularly when it comes to the joint’s libations program. To be even more specific, we’re talking about the Cactus Cooler, which pays quite the homage to summer with its recipe. When you order the libation—and trust us, you should—cue up your taste buds and expect to be whisked away with flavors of blanco tequila, aloe, cucumber, basil, lime and vermouth blanc. Take the drink outside for lunch al fresco and sip to your heart’s desire. Watch our Weekly Bite with Gratitude and get a taste of the Cactus Cooler.

Make a day of it: … and head over to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve, which is right down Irvine Avenue. The center houses 15 native California ecosystems, a nature museum and all the quiet spots you’ll need to enjoy the aforementioned cool breeze.

Elevated Childhood Classic Treats

Photo Credit: G. Social

Topside Margarita at Topside

Move over, tiny paper umbrellas. There’s something better you can dunk in your cocktail. Hint: it’s frozen, served on a stick and exactly what you need when it gets hot outside. That’s right—it’s a popsicle. But not just any popsicle. The folks at Topside Roof Deck have a special recipe for the treat: Don-Julio-Blanco-infused ice pop, which pairs perfectly with a healthy pour of clear margarita. But don’t just take our word for it. Schlep over to Topside and witness this holy union yourself.

Make a day of it: … stay, order a bite and watch the sunset from the rooftop lounge, because a picture-perfect pink sky is definitely a sight worth waiting for. Next, stroll down to the Lido Theater for an evening film or the real reason we love going to the movies so much: more snacks.

Elevated Childhood Classic Treats

Photo Credit: Malibu Farm

Posh Slosh Frosé at Malibu Farm

Maybe it’s not really a snow cone. Maybe it’s more of a slurpee but for adults. It’s still all the frozen deliciousness you’d ever want in a glass—especially when sipped on the restaurant’s waterfront patio. Imagine: peach-tea agave whipped up in-house, peach puree, hints of grapefruit and dragonfruit, a dash of vodka and of course, a little rosé. It might not be the treat you remember from your childhood, but it’s definitely one you’ll commit to memory.

Make a day of it: … and get your shopping in at Lido Marina Village, not just because it’s right there, but because it’s been a long week, and you really deserve another treat.

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Dine Newport Beach

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