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You’ve pictured this day in your mind for as long as you can remember. You’ve imagined it a thousand different ways, but the one image that beckons you time and again involves the beach. Not just any beach, though. You want a jaw-dropping, gorgeous locale that will be a place you can return to over the years as you take your journey together. A place that will forever live in your memory.

Newport Beach Wedding Venues offer up a small intimate wedding or a large bash!


Maybe your dream wedding is a midday party on a yacht, with a dozen of your closest friends joining you onboard. Or maybe it’s a private ceremony at sunset on the beach, waves quietly lapping against the shore as you make the commitment of a lifetime. Or maybe…just maybe…it’s the world’s largest seaside blow-out bash with 500 of your closest friends, family members and a few faces you vaguely remember from high school.

Whatever you choose, the sky (and sea) truly is the limit when it comes to innovative and memorable Newport Beach beach wedding venues for your ceremony or reception. If you can dream it, Newport Beach can make it a reality.

Some of the best beach wedding venues in California


When it comes to your wedding day, every detail matters. You’ll find everything – from guest accommodations to photographers, DJs, catering, ceremony and reception locations – taken care of right here in Newport Beach.

So, charter that yacht, savor that candlelit dinner in a wine cave, host a large-scale reception in a waterfront ballroom or on the sand, sip cocktails amidst historic sports memorabilia at a local museum, or let every detail be taken care of by some of the best beach wedding venues in California, which are in no other than Newport Beach, the home of some of the area’s finest hotels…or anything you wish. The opportunities are endless.

Close your eyes for a second. Now take a trip 25 years into the future. See yourself remembering your gorgeous Newport Beach wedding and all the people who made it such a special time for you.

How will you remember the greatest day of your life?

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Visit Newport Beach is here to provide you with information on all of your wedding details from guest accommodations to entertainment to wedding services. We understand that the walk down the aisle represents the beginning of your journey together, and we want to make the process leading up to this moment as simple and stress-free as possible.
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