Upper Newport Beach Bay



Our new boutique boxing space is set in an eco-chic environment with 1 Ring, 20 Bags & your favorite playlists. State of the art lockers complete with built in charging stations. Shop all things BOXHAUS while sipping on your favorite kombucha or charging up with a nitro cold brew.


BOXHAUS is empowering and addictive… jab, cross, hook and upper-cut your way to a full-body training experience. Exhilarating sequences and intense interval training hosted by BOXHAUS’ World Class Coaches will leave you on your toes and wanting more!

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Boxing isn't my favorite workout of choice but I have loved going to BoxHaus the times that I have gone. I had a really bad experience my first time at... More

I have been searching in this wonderful 2020 New Year for some different places to start a workout program. I have done kickboxing before so I thought I... More

I put my brave pants on and tried this out - I am so glad I did! Gyms in general give me so much anxiety so I was very nervous to try something totally new... More