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They have been providing excellent healing care since 2002 in Newport Beach, California. Lee Acupuncture approach to care is gentle, caring and compassionate. Their clinic applies integrative medical care with a combination of acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, therapeutic massage, medical nutritional supplements, posture training, and functional medicine.

Lee Acupuncture has a strong team of practitioners who are confident, compassionate, each with their individual specialties of care. They utilize a very gentle needling technique to help patients heal within. They have been engaged with local community outreach programs to educate how Oriental medicine and functional medicine can improve people’s quality of life. They have also been invited to different hospitals to educate the public about health and Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. They strongly believe in our mission, we continue to search for better answers and care for our patients through constant communication and education. We take great pride in our integrative healing approach to help patients find the best remedy for their health, and simply be healthy and happy.

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It was actually because of all the helpful Yelp reviews about Lee Acupuncture that I chose to visit Dr. Lee's office. From the very start, everyone was... More

On Tuesday I experienced my first acupuncture & light therapy, on my right elbow because I had some sharp pain. I decided to go all in with the 3... More

Aging is a crazy process, things that you do effortlessly one day, become painful aggressors the next. For example, I pulled my back doing the most mundane... More

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