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Beautiful Soles

July 17, 2015

Women’s footwear should be feminine and versatile, and above all, comfortable. When local style mavens Birgit Klett and Kenna Florie couldn’t find the kind of quality, handcrafted sandals in the marketplace that they desired for their own feet, the pair decided to design their own. “We pretty much just wanted sandals for ourselves,” says Kenna, of what inspired them to launch a collection in spring of this year. The Beek label (made in Mexico, and currently comprising eight styles) already lines some of the area’s chicest shops, and is sported by Newport Beach’s most style-savvy. It also feeds children in need — for every pair sold, a meal is donated through the Second Harvest Food Bank. Here, the duo shares design inspiration and what’s on the horizon for the brand.

What’s in a name: The “B” stands for Birgit; the “K” for Kenna. The name stands for friendship more than anything.

On aging gracefully: These sandals are built to not only last, but also to get better with age. A molded arch and all-leather design make them an unusual find in the marketplace. We are both active and wear sandals year-round, so comfort and durability are key.

Flirting with design: The [curved] shape of the arch makes the sandal more feminine. This design is difficult to pull off, but worth it.

Eight isn’t enough: We currently have eight styles (see image), and have four to six more coming in spring 2016. We’re experimenting with fun new leather-dying techniques and introducing soft metallic.


Classic: /klasik/ adjective. 1. Judged over a period of time to be the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. 2. Kenna and Birgit’s personal style, in a word.

The Beek babe: She’s effortless in her style. She loves fashion but doesn’t chase trends. Her beauty is in her simplicity.


From the ground up: Three footwear styles every woman should have in her wardrobe are Beek sandals, oxfords and low booties.

Top model: Currently, our highest selling style is the Finch — it’s the most versatile, and can be dressed up or down. Wear it to a beach party with a flowing sundress or out on a boat with shorts and a tee.


Mandals? A men’s collection seems to be the hot question right now … we’re thinking about it!

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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