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Since 1926, DUXIANA® has aspired to produce the most comfortable and technologically advanced beds on the market. DUXIANA’s handcrafted DUX, The Bed For Life® is sold exclusively in 27 DUXIANA stores across North America and over 100 locations worldwide. With more than 85 years of research on ways to blend the science of sleep with the ultimate in luxury and comfort, DUXIANA remains known for its Advanced Technology in Sleeping.

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Amazing sheets worth all of the money! I true investment in luxury bedding. I have multiple sets of sheets, duvet covers and a duvet from Duxiana. I am... More

I did not try the Dux mattress or inquire about its special construction details. I came in because I was interested in their linens. The linens were... More

I am obsessed!! Its like sleeping on a cloud :) the ultimate indulgence and totally worth it More