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Brandy has become a cult favorite of fashionistas everywhere. The Brandy Melville style ranges from loose fitting off-shoulder tees, to soft angora sweaters and stylish dresses, skirts and tops. Women of every age can find something at Brandy Melville to fit their style, closet and budget. With shops throughout the European Union and in the major world capitals and cities, Brandy & Melville has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Yelp Based on 171 Reviews Yelp

This is my second review for this location because of how many great experiences I've had. Despite how workers may have been in the past (bc this brand has... More

I had a friend who raved nonstop about this store and she declared it was her favorite, as a young twenty something. I had never set foot in a location... More

im not sure if the workers here are paid to be rude or something but i was trying on clothes and they didnt end up working out so i gave them back to the... More

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