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San Shi Go Sushi and Asian Cuisine is on Main Street near East Balboa Boulevard. Its sushi menu features items like Cajun Tuna, Mackerel, Giant Clam, Scallops, Sea Urchin and Quail Eggs. Its sashimi specialties include Halibut, Yellowtail and Red Snapper. San Shi Go is also known for its Kobe Beef and Sauteed Pork entrees. Classic Kung Pao Chicken is a local favorite.

Yelp Based on 902 Reviews Yelp

I think I found my new favorite sushi place in Southern California. I'm comparing this place (San Shi Go) against Oshima in Orange, Hana Re in Costa Mesa,... More

Hands down, this is by far the best sushi spot for omakase! Find a better one and let me know immediately! [Disclosure: I've been to Oshima (twice) and... More

Wish we would have sat at the bar instead at a table for omakase. The experience would have meant that much more. Some of the items I definitely was not a... More

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