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Pearson’s Port Seafood Market


Pearson’s Port is floating shack that sells fresh fish, live crab and lobster underneath the Pacific Coast Highway bridge that crosses over over Newport Bay. Along with live crab and lobster (in season) Pearson’s offers sea bass and buckets of prawns that were literally caught earlier that day.

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Spotted Prawns! In an unassuming shack on the water in Newport Beach lies this seafood oasis. My wife sent me here to get some spotted prawns and it was... More

I have been looking for a place to buy spot prawns without having to wake up early and line up at 4 am. Not sure how I missed this place before but it... More

Freshest best seafood where you don't have to wake up at 4 am at Dory's. We always get some fish, live shrimp and crab and lobster (when in season). I... More

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