Mariner's Mile/Westcliff

Pearson’s Port Seafood Market


Pearson’s Port is floating shack that sells fresh fish, live crab and lobster underneath the Pacific Coast Highway bridge that crosses over over Newport Bay. Along with live crab and lobster (in season) Pearson’s offers sea bass and buckets of prawns that were literally caught earlier that day.

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Fresh seafood, when you need it at great prices But the people that work and help are amazing at helping you pick the right crab, prawn or anything you... More

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Super friendly crew here and you always have fresh seafoods. I only come here for my seafood now. The prices are super reasonable. I... More

Fantastic prices. Picked up some Rock crab today to make Gumbo for the game tonight. On point. Customer service doesn't get any better. Definitely the spot... More