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Fuji Yama Restaurant


Upscale, full-service Japanese restaurant providing exceptional Japanese-California style cuisine prepared by our master chef, Mr. Kazuo Ikeda. Our extensive menu and state-of-the-art sushi bar will leave you with fond memories of our fresh, traditional and healthy Japanese food.

Yelp Based on 281 Reviews Yelp

Talk about excellent experience. The chefs Duy and Doki are great and made dinner very well. It was Excellence. The vibe of the restaurant is traditional... More

Wow, the Asian guy with the thick-rimmed black Elton John knockoff glasses and bowl cut is an asshole. Rude with a terrible attitude. He told me the food... More

Just have to do an updated review here. Don't get me wrong, we still dine here frequently. However, things have definitely changed. When first finding this... More

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