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Dough Boy’s

  • Dough Boy’s
  • Dough Boy’s

Just minutes away from the beach, the family-run shop is frequented by sweet-toothed regulars who are probably stopping by for an energy surge before a day spent at the water. Simply scanning the glass case is a feast for the eyes.

  • Baked Goods
  • Breakfast
  • Kid Friendly
  • Open 24 Hours
Yelp Based on 216 Reviews Yelp

I think it's time to update this review because it was over 11 years ago lol We are staying in town for a family staycation. Doughboy is a must and... More

Customer Service def needs improvement. Prices a bit too high for average taste. Coffee sucks period. More

Best late night stop for food after a night out at the bars, since it's 24/7. Their bagels sandwiches are so so good. Also tried their Boston cream donut.... More

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