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Coming from the City of Kamakura, known for being a popular surf spot, as well as housing the second largest bronze statute of Buddha in Japan, it was only natural for Yoshi to set his sights the “Surf City” of Newport Beach and open a restaurant named “Buddha’s Favorite.”

Now Buddha’s Favorite is known among the locals as Newport Beach’s hidden treasure. It’s a place where traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine merges with innovative and creative dishes not found anywhere else.

Our menu offers a wide range of appetizers and entrees, ranging from delicious tempuras, unique salads, authentic noodles and rice bowls. Every dish from our kitchen is made from the freshest ingredients and family recipes all the way from Yoshi’s mom’s restaurant in Japan. Of course, providing delicious, high quality sushi is our priority and to achieve this goal, we slice the fish to order.

Not only known for the quality of its food, Buddha’s Favorite is also famous for its “AMBIANCE”. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you cannot avoid noticing Buddha’s Favorite’s distinctive style. David Lanshing from the L.A. Times Orange County Calendar Section says, “Yoshi has taken California Beach culture and mirrored it back through a Japanese looking glass, making it cooler than the original. “

It is Yoshi’s desire to keep the restaurant an entertaining space where everybody can have a good time. The casual, yet romantic atmosphere on the patio dining area overlooking the ocean, lively sushi bar, and cozy inner dining on sand tables reflects this concept of his.  Why don’t you visit us and enjoy our restaurant?  We promise you the ultimate sushi dining experience!

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