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Bear Flag Fish Company was founded in 2007. Bear Flag Fish Company specializes in the freshest seafood in town. The creation of the company started with the love of the ocean and most of all the love and the knowledge of fresh seafood.

Bear Flag Fish Company is dedicated to providing its customers with a healthy, high quality dinning experience. We are a fish market for the new generation providing a modern ambiance and focusing on health seafood cuisine.

  • Pet Friendly
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I'm not from Cali but when I do come I only care to get tacos or burritos. I'm a pescatarian and this place has seafood and poke(I'm from Hawaii so it felt... More

This place has turned into a COMPLETE JOKE. They RAISED PRICES CONSIDERABLY. I get it, costs are up. However, this is not the time to give your customers a... More

Great poke bowls in the prettiest oceanfront shopping complex! The food: I always order the salmon poke. The quality of fish at Bear Flag is great. The... More

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