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Soups to Warm the Soul in Newport Beach

February 1, 2018

While our SoCal winters aren’t quite as brutal as in other parts of the country, the chilly weather often satiates our cravings for warmer food. If you’re looking for a great bowl of soup that will keep you satisfied, try these Newport Beach restaurants.

Malarky’s Irish Pub

Malarky’s Irish Pub is a great spot to get your soup fix. Their classic Irish Stew is a crowd favorite. It’s hard to beat a great chili. Whether you get it in a bowl or on top of crispy potato skins with cheddar cheese, Malarky’s chili is a must-try. Clam Chowder is available for seafood lovers, too.

Avila’s El Ranchito

Avila’s El Ranchito specializes in authentic Mexican food made with the highest quality ingredients. It’s no surprise then that their house speciality is Mama Avila’s Soup! It features fresh chicken broth, chunks of chicken breast and rice, and is garnished with avocado, tomato, cilantro, and lime. The bowl served with warm tortillas.

Lotus Bistro

Flavorful variations of Pho prepared with top quality ingredients in a savory broth are the stars on the menu at Lotus Bistro. Yelpers categorize Lotus Bistro as having their favorite Pho. A variety of options are available including seafood, chicken, beef, filet mignon, beef ball, and wonton soup.

SOL Cocina

In a casual, friendly setting, SOL Cocina offers an upscale Mexican dining experience that celebrates authentic flavors and Mexican traditions with an ever-changing array of fresh seafood and seasonal fresh ingredients. Their tortilla soup with chicken is a staple. It’s a homemade chicken soup with roasted tomatillo, chipotle, chicken, melted cheese, diced avocado, fried tortillas, onion, and cilantro, lime, and epazote.

What are your favorite soups in Newport Beach? Let us know!

Written by Debbie Miller

Written by Rachel Sherman

Rachel Sherman is an upcoming photographer and writer from Newport Beach, California. Although she was born and raised here by the beach, Rachel’s passion for traveling has taken her around the world to places such as England, France, Italy, and China. She recently graduated with honors holding a bachelors degree in Communications, with a concentration in visual communications, and minors in both Radio/TV/Film and Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. During her time there, she hosted a weekly rock ’n’ roll based radio show on Titan Radio called Good Rockin’ Tonight. Rachel has always had a genuine enthusiasm for photography, travel, culture, and adventure. Drawing constant inspiration from her love for the cinema, simple beautiful landscapes, as well as vintage atmospheres, these details shine through her photographs and inspire her writing. For more information on Rachel Sherman, or to view her personal works, please visit:

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