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Farm Fresh in Newport Beach

March 29, 2016

As you’re curating your grocery list for the week ahead and preparing yourself to walk up and down the grocery store isles, surrounded by impatient shoppers, consider a change of scenery. Take your shopping trip outdoors amongst local farmers and food enthusiasts! Within our beautiful beach community, there are two California Certified Farmers’ Markets at your disposal. Each one inspiring eager grocery store shoppers in the area to get outdoors, and choose a routine that’s healthy, sustainable and fun! Every weekend, the Corona del Mar Certified Farmers’ Market and the Newport Beach Farmers’ Market By Farmer Mark are bustling and full of fresh veggies, fruit, flowers and friendly neighbors.

cdm4-700x400The Corona del Mar Certified Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 9am-1pm, rain or shine, on Marguerite Avenue at Pacific Coast Highway. This Farmers’ Market comprises twenty-seven local farmers who offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers, pastas and fish. They’re known for their friendly vendors and captivating scents! The Market has been operating since May of 1996 and is a quaint alternative to any ordinary shopping experience. If you’re a flower fanatic, this is a pit stop you must make. At the Corona del Mar Farmers’ Market you’ll find all of the produce you need for a colorful and tasty meal, as well as an array of scents that will make the kitchen smell fantastic – you’ll be one happy chef.

12647064_984482751599874_8650834625133003042_nFarmer Mark cares about food and has a passion for promoting healthy communities. His vision shines through the Certified Farmers’ Market that he runs in Newport Beach. The Newport Beach Farmers’ Market is located right next to the Newport Pier. It is just steps away from the sand and is open to shoppers on Sunday from 9am to 1pm. This Farmers’ Market has it all: veggies, fruits, flowers, honey, fresh breads, local farm fresh meats and handcrafted items from local artisans. And eggs – all kinds! Choose quail eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs or goose eggs. They’re all free range and delicious! There aren’t many Farmers’ Market locations that allow for a beach visit and a shopping errand simultaneously. Check groceries off of your list while taking in spectacular ocean views and Newport Beach’s one-of-a-kind sea breeze.

Make the most of this tremendous open-air shopping experience and set out for two of Newport Beach’s most beautiful, iconic neighborhoods. Prepare yourself for a unique, farm to fork experience. You’ll arrive as a curious Farmers’ Market rookie and leave an inspired locavore.

Written by Rachel Sherman

Rachel Sherman is an upcoming photographer and writer from Newport Beach, California. Although she was born and raised here by the beach, Rachel’s passion for traveling has taken her around the world to places such as England, France, Italy, and China. She recently graduated with honors holding a bachelors degree in Communications, with a concentration in visual communications, and minors in both Radio/TV/Film and Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. During her time there, she hosted a weekly rock ’n’ roll based radio show on Titan Radio called Good Rockin’ Tonight. Rachel has always had a genuine enthusiasm for photography, travel, culture, and adventure. Drawing constant inspiration from her love for the cinema, simple beautiful landscapes, as well as vintage atmospheres, these details shine through her photographs and inspire her writing. For more information on Rachel Sherman, or to view her personal works, please visit:

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