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Celebrating National Culinary Day

July 24, 2019

July 25 marks National Culinary Day —a day in which we collectively celebrate skills in the kitchen that keep us coming back to our favorite restaurants. Today, we’re turning our attention to top culinary artists that make Newport Beach a more delicious and inviting place to be. From chefs to restaurateurs, these culinary leaders are who we’ll be raising a glass to on this comestible day.

Cathy Pavlos, chef and owner of Provenance

It didn’t come from nowhere—Chef Cathy Pavlos’ obsession with locally grown ingredients. Cathy grew up on her grandfather’s farm and learned to transform homegrown produce to simple comfort food at a young age. Provenance in Newport Beach is built around the freshest ingredients with a Napa-influenced menu. Using veggies, herbs and fruits from the restaurant’s 1,300-square-foot organic garden, Cathy dreams up elegant dishes —and cocktails!—that change by season.

Brittany Valles, chef at Oak Grill and Aqua Lounge

In the kitchen of Oak Grill at the Fashion Island Hotel, Chef Brittany Valles is cooking food that fully embraces what she loves as a chef—big, bold flavors and a strong spice game. In looking at her background, it’s easy to see where Brittany’sculinary prowess comes from. Brittany cut her teeth in the industry working at Wolfgang Puck Catering. Now, she’s turning new flavors into can’t-miss dishes that are bound to elicit a flurry of happy and post-meal sighs.

Florent and Amelia Marneau, chefs and owners of Marche Moderne

Florent and Amelia Marneau are cooking up a delicious storm of French cuisine in the kitchen of Marché Moderne. The restaurant churns out inspired French dishes, garnering a slew of hefty accolades and nods by local publications and food critics along the way. But don’t just read about it -stop by for a taste of what Florent and Amelia’s menu has to offer. Amelia honed her skills as a pastry chef at Michelin-Star restaurant, Les Ambassadeurs in Hotel de Crillon Paris.

The culinary talent from this restaurant will save you a trip to France and give you a taste of la belle vie (that’s the sweet life in French).

Sheri Drewry, owner of Wilma’s Patio

Even first-time diners at Wilma’s Patio will tell you there’s something familiar and inviting about this 37-year-old Balboa Island fixture. It’s even more familiar for owner Sheri Drewry, who’s been tending to the place for a good, long while. Because, really, there’s a lot more than good food that Sheri offers to guests. The charming cottage-style restaurant gives an undeniable sense of coziness that makes you want to keep coming back for seconds.

Shelly Register, culinary director at “A” Market

Whether you’re looking for a flaky croissant or a perfectly brewed cup—Shelly Register’s got it at “A” Market. After culinary school, Shelly snagged a position as culinary director of “A” Market. Now, thanks in large part to Shelly, the place has become the market to go to for superlative pastries and cookies.

Cynthia Shafer, owner of Royal Hen

Coming from a background in hospitality, Cynthia Shafer—owner of Royal Hen—knows a thing or two about creating a community and knocking the customer service experience out of the park. Walkthrough the bright red iron gates, and you’ll likely feel right at home. Then there’s the food, of course—a menu that boasts high-quality, house-made fare and highlights the best of what California cuisine has to offer.

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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