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June 19, 2018

There’s something about summer in California that makes you want to knock off work early and take advantage of the ample sunshine and warmer temperatures. This rings particularly true in a bustling beach town like Newport Beach, where the seaside charm, the frothy waves and fresh air give throngs of people many reasons to flock there. During the season, it wears a particularly well-suited get-up-and-go attitude, especially given the plethora of outdoor recreational activities the city has to offer. Try a few—or all—picks from this robust itinerary designed to help you get the most out of Newport Beach this season. (Not too thrilled about spending too much time under the mercy of the scorching sun? You’ll also find a slew of indoor activities that don’t involve staring at your treadmill’s dashboard for hours on end.)

Give Stand-up Paddle boarding a try

For the past few years, stand-up paddle boarding has been enjoying its moment under the spotlight. But if you’ve already proved your mettle, local businesses have been riffing on traditional paddle boarding. While balancing and paddling is already enough to have you pausing for a breath, Bliss Paddle Yoga’s classes kick it up a notch by adding vinyasa to the mix. If you don’t feel like dipping your toes in the water alone, Pirate Coast Paddle Company allows you to rent a paddle board long enough to fit a party of 10. Not a morning person? The company hosts SUP sessions at night. Dubbed “Glow Sup,” these classes equip paddlers with boards that illuminate thanks to waterproof LED lighting. The scene at night is the stuff of magic, so make sure to soak it all in.

Pirate Coast Paddle

Hike up the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

Newport Beach has a bounty of natural beauty that makes for a perfect backdrop when getting your sweat on, and the best kinds of workouts are the ones that don’t feel like workouts at all. Case in point: hiking through the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and touring its interpretive center. Interpretive Centers are usually a hit or miss, the aquariums and interactive learning stations at the Peter and Mary Muth center make it a worthy stop. There’s even an activity room for tots, which houses the types of snakes most likely to slither across your path during your time on the trail. The trail itself branches out numerous times along the way, so don’t forget to scan the map before hitting the trail. Alternatively, you can let yourself wander and explore every secret nook and cranny of the area. There are plenty of opportunities to survey nature, with many overlooks offering eyefulls of the picturesque bay.

Back Bay

Photo by Ali Folster

Pedal along the shore

If you’ve ever driven through Newport Beach, you’ll know there’s a decent chance you’ll see cyclist whizzing by on two wheels. That’s because Newport Beach is big on biking, as is evidenced by the fact that there’s no shortage of businesses offering up bicycles for rent. If you’re new to Newport, there’s no better way to take in the energy of the place than to go exploring outside the confines of a heavily air-conditioned vehicle. Hit up the Newport Balboa Bike Path, which runs through Newport Beach along the waterfront. You can even make a pit stop at one of the many wonderful eateries on the Newport Pier and the Balboa Pier. Don’t feel like going solo? You can rent an Italian surrey from Seaside Bike Rentals, or bring your kiddo along for the ride by opting for a tagalong bike.

Try your hand at boxing

It’s no secret that boxing has become the go-to fitness routine for some of the modeling world’s finest and social media heavy hitters. That’s because boxing not only targets your arms, it’s also a high-cardio total body workout. It sharpens your mind and keeps your core in check, a surefire way to get whipped into shape this summer. Classes at local studio BoxHaus last 45 minutes, starting off with a warm-up before delving into boxing sequences interspersed with bouts of high-intensity interval training. Attend a group session with your friends or break off from the pack and try private training. End your grueling workout by recharge with a refreshing drink of kombucha or a nitro cold brew served up at the studio.

Box Haus

Schedule some OM time

It’s important to realize that your mind needs just as much, if not more, TLC as your core does on any given day. But getting into the right headspace is hard thing to do. It takes a lot for the busy, nine-to-five-er in you to step away from behind the wheel, slow down and live in the present. Enter MDitate, a local meditation studio that just opened its doors three months ago to everyone looking to get some well-deserved mental quiet. Come as you are—in jeans, workout clothes or even work attire—as there are various seating options for every comfort level, even if it’s your first foray into meditation. During the 30-45 minute class, you’ll be guided through the practice while focusing on breathwork. The reward? Every person reaps a different set of benefits, including better concentration, emotional relaxation, stress release, clarity and insight —and that’s just scratching the surface.

Put a bounce in your step

The onset of summer brings longer days, which usually means you can squeeze in that dance class you’ve always wanted to take when you didn’t have down time. Scattered across this seaside city, there are many businesses willing to indulge your desire to learn. After Hours Dance Studio also offers up a slew of heart-pumping classes like broadway jazz and tap dancing. Not only does following a choreography put your body to work, it also powers up the brain for a well-rounded wellness experience.

Take a swing at golf

At first, golf might seem to fall flat when pitted against other forms of exercise, but spend a few hours on a course and you’ll immediately realize how easy it is to work up a sweat when walking across acres and acres of dips and hills (and clock in those 10,000 steps on your fitbit.) It’s also a good way to experience some of the city’s finest views, especially if you’re teeing off at the Pelican Hill Golf Club, which stuns with its sweeping vistas of the ocean and open canyons. Don’t fret if you’re a rookie—The club has a group of certified teachers to help you hone your skills in no time. It even offers a 3D swing evaluation, a personalized 3D motion study that “provides quantifiable data about the angles, speeds and velocities of your golf swing.” Not to mention, socializing on the rolling landscape is a great way to cultivate meaningful bonds and a happy lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of Pelican Hill

Written by @visitnewportbeach

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