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Get in The Mood for Fall

October 1, 2019

Nobody’s immune to the charms of fall. There are the obvious reasons—the weather, the pumpkin spice, the comfy knit sweaters. Not to mention, fall presents so many opportunities to go wild with zip ties, duct tape and orange-colored lights. But there’s also something else—a warm, fuzzy feeling we can’t quite put our fingers on. If you’re the sort of person who loves chasing those “fall feels” and enjoys sightings of grinning pumpkins, ghouls and goblins, this might just be the perfect fall itinerary for you.

Start your day at Roger’s Gardens Halloween Boutique.

You can definitely swing by Roger’s Gardens to pick up a decorative pot for your new fiddle leaf, but during the month of October, you might want to carve more time out of your day to spend here. Because every year, the folks at Roger’s Gardens transform the space into a Halloween wonderland—quite literally this fall, considering the “Malice in Wonderland” theme. Given all the effort that goes into planning and decorating every square inch of the boutique, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to explore and even more take home.

Hunker down for a seasonal sip at Farmhouse.

Nothing brings about those toasty fall feels quite like a good, autumnal cocktail. Think: a pumpkin-hued concoction made with fresh pomegranate juice, lemon, honey-passion fruit reduction and bourbon. Wait—you don’t have to just think about it. Farmhouse, a rustic-chic, farm-to-fork eatery, whips up seasonally inspired cocktails every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and donates 50 percent of the proceeds to local charities. (The aforementioned cocktail was last weekend’s special). The best part? You don’t have to go too far. The restaurant is nestled right inside of Roger’s Gardens.

Dine and shop at Lido Marina Village.

Consider Lido Marina Village your locals-approved choice for where to grab a bite and spend a dollar or two. Because this chic shopping-slash-foodie destination is full of charm, especially in the fall, when the place is draped in hues of oranges and reds.

Think: Gourds, hay bales and bittersweet vines in every corner. Seasonal window displays. Fall florals at French Buckets. In other words, if you’re craving those cozy fall sensations—you know, the way a hot cuppa pumpkin spice latte can make you feel—Lido Marina is the perfect place to go.

Catch the sun setting on Balboa Island.

Looking to explore a spooky ‘burb? Look no further than Balboa Island’s spectacular bayfront homes, where, every year, residents take decorating matters into their own hands. And let us preface this by saying: they take it all very seriously. All to say, expect more than just a few grinning pumpkins scattered across lawns. Previous productions along this segment of the city have included elaborate (and sometimes animated) scenes involving macabres, ghosts, witches, zombies and other outlandish displays of suburban spookery.

Written By: Mariam Makatsaria

Written by Visit Newport Beach

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