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Roger’s Gardens’ Christmas Boutique | Home for the Holidays

Roger’s Gardens’ Christmas Boutique | Home for the Holidays

Love, laughter, a cheer or two…food, family, fireside chats – these are the memories home evokes. Our Home for the Holidays Christmas Boutique will transport you there. Experience a moment of wonder and amazement as you walk into our Christmas Boutique. The traditional palette of red, green and white with sparkling metallic accents draw you into the world of Christmas. Discover curated collections of hand-painted glass ornaments from Europe, charming nutcrackers and whimsical Santas that sit alongside our beautifully designed signature garlands and wreaths. Traditional themes, contemporary elements, and a touch of Roger’s Gardens magic meet to create charming collections that elevate and inspire. Join us as we celebrate the joy and wonder of the season here at Roger’s Gardens, your home away from home.

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