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October 24, 2017

Date Night in Newport Beach

The ocean breezes, tranquil harbor, hundreds of quaint homes lining the coast, boardwalks, and a Ferris wheel with views of the ocean… seems like a setting for a movie, doesn’t it? Just switch out your popcorn for fine seaside dining, and Newport Beach has the perfect setting to turn your date night into one of the movies.

The three essential elements to any evening in Newport Beach includes the water, a sunset, and exquisite food. The holy trinity.

Photo by Ed Olen

Start off your evening with a stroll through the Balboa Fun Zone sitting right along the harbor – if summer romance movies were filmed in Newport Beach, there’d definitely be a scene here. The quintessential beach town harkens teenage dreams and offers plenty of opportunity for sparks to fly with this sweet nostalgic backdrop. Play in one of the classic arcades, have your fortune read by Zoltar, and walk hand-in-hand with your sweetheart along the bayside boardwalk with the ping of games and the distant call of seagulls filling the air. Walk to the end of the Fun Zone while making note of the whale watching tour you’ll be taking tomorrow and you’ll find yourself at Newport’s 1936 Ferris wheel. Never Been Kissed? Not for long when you seize the moment atop the classic harbor-side attraction lighting up the harbor.

Next, rekindle the evening leaning in over a glass of red wine. There’s plenty of waterfront eateries like Newport Landing and Harborside (known for its longest happy hour in town) that offer only the freshest seafood. Want to keep the evening more casual, but don’t want to sacrifice the views? Check out Balboa BBQ (verifiably the best fries in town) and sit on their patio that has a beautiful view of the bay, or walk a street over to Balboa Pier and eat at its end where Ruby’s Diner immerses guests in the sunset on their rooftop, surrounded by nothing but the expansive Pacific Ocean.

Photo by Jon Edwards

If you’d like to eat with your toes in the sand, there’s just no better option than The Beachcomber that seats its guests right along the shore in a converted beach cottage. Try their specialty tropical cocktails and dine on fine Californian cuisine as you hear the crash of the waves that are sometimes daring enough to reach the bottom of the patio’s steps. After 9pm, the restaurant may be closing, but your night isn’t even close. A romantic sunset walk on the beach anyone? Annnnnnd *scene*.

As long as you don’t go all Goldie Hawn and go Overboard, cruise through Newport’s hidden quaint canal streets on an imported wood-crafted Venetian gondola for a charming and unique romantic evening for two. Their singing gondoliers row all day and night upon request, so whether you move up date night to a date day, you’ll be catered to your desires. Or, if taking control is your game, take to the starboard and steer your own private yacht or Duffy boat in the reflection of the stars upon the harbor with any of Newport’s boat rentals.

Photo by Ed Olen

Or perhaps instead of taking a cue from the movies for date ideas, you can actually go to one as your date activity with a trip to the 1940s Port Theatre to catch a movie in one of their leather reclining chairs or sofas (yes, sofas). With a lively history, that includes an elephant gracing its stage, Port will awaken your romantic senses like the golden era of the silver screen (which just so happened to have taken place about 50 miles north).

Whether it’s your first date, “happy one month,” celebratory one year, or your fiftieth wedding anniversary, Newport Beach has a plethora of breathtaking experiences for you and your partner to share when you step out for a night in the most lovely California corner of the world.

Written by Elyse Lu

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