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In October 2007, Newport Cruisers, a unique Beach Cruiser boutique was born in the heart of Newport Beach, CA. Started by honest people, with excellent customer service. We provide a warm, friendly environment to ensure all your needs are met while searching for the “ultimate” Beach Cruiser. Newport Cruisers offers services which include sales, rentals, and repairs on most any type of bike, with an emphasis on Beach Cruisers. Our company was established with the vision to enhance the “beach cruiser” experience for women, men, and children through the power of two wheels. You see…to Newport Cruisers, a Beach Cruiser, is more than just a form of transportation, it’s a lifestyle choice. One that starts with a smart investment that leads to a healthier you and a healthier planet, without sacrificing comfort, luxury or fun!

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I've always wanted to rent bikes and ride down the beach. This location is right off the beach and they even have a few parking spots to drop off the... More

These guys are awesome! We brought in two of our bikes last minute and wanted our electras decked out with cup holders, baskets and rear baskets. They... More

Want a cheap ride down Newport? Then Newport Cruisers is the way to go. They charge $5 an hour. The hour definitely does go by fast. This location does not... More

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