Balboa Village

Balboa Fun Zone


The Balboa Fun Zone is one of Southern California’s oldest and last great coastal amusement areas and a popular family-friendly attraction for visitors to Newport Beach. Visitors can enjoy rides on the waterfront Ferris Wheel, play games in the arcade or tour the nautical museum while enjoying their favorite beach treats. This is also a popular place to rent bikes, harbor cruises, whale watching or take off for a day trip to nearby Catalina Island on the Catalina Flyer.

The Balboa Fun Zone is located on Balboa Peninsula across from Balboa Pier off Balboa Blvd. A public parking lot is available across Balboa Blvd next to the pier. Or the Balboa Fun Zone can be reached by the Auto Ferry located on Balboa Island.

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I've always had fond childhood memories of visiting Balboa Fun Zone with my dad. Now, as a parent myself, I got to take my kids too! And they loved it.... More

So Small! I wouldn't call this a "Fun Zone", maybe more of a "Fun Small Space"... But we know that does not sound very attractive to entice the littles.... More

Cute little area next to the boat rentals and Catalina docking area. I like coming here for the frozen bananas and arcade. More