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Newport Beach and Company is breaking new ground as the Destination Marketing Organization of the future, being the first community-marketing agency of its kind to leverage the cost efficiencies, brand-building benefits, and strategic advantages of creating a self-sustaining business model to promote a destination – in our case, the world-class city and destination of Newport Beach – across multiple platforms. Our progressive, dynamic and innovative marketing organization works collaboratively our community partners to create and execute marketing plans that meet each business unit’s objectives, while strengthening the Newport Beach brand as a whole and driving revenue to the city.

Our Mission
Newport Beach and Company is a creative and focused community-marketing agency that is singularly committed to telling the integrated Newport Beach brand story. By embracing a variety of neighborhoods, businesses and individual unique voices into a complementary story, Newport Beach and Company strengthens all of its partners, drives new revenue to the city and enhances its overall economic vibrancy.

Brand Promise
Newport Beach and Company is a progressive, dynamic and innovative marketing organization that brings a results-oriented mindset along with a forward-looking attitude to the community it serves. Embracing a learning centered environment where ideas can develop and be best used for the benefit of its partners, Newport Beach & Co.’s team is a passionate steward for the Newport Beach brand. It is resourceful in creating meaningful marketing programs and services and setting the standard for outstanding destination leadership.

Company Vision
Newport Beach and Company aspires to be the national model for outstanding integrated community marketing and brand leadership. As an entrepreneurial leadership organization, Newport Beach & Co. is creative, innovative and professional in building destination awareness both locally and nationally which drives business and economic growth. It strives to do for its partners and stakeholders what they cannot do individually.

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